I've spent 14years working in London and a great deal of that time moaning about this place. From my 4hr commuting to the less than reliable Weather, anyone would think this City is far from my friend. Truth is when I'm not rushing to and from work I'm totally amazed by it. There is such a contrast of new and old buildings in "town" and I couldn't ever see myself working anywhere else. The London Skyline has totally been transformed in the past few years and it seems incredible that both the Gherkin and The London Eye are now over 15 years old with the Shard and Walkie-Talkie proving equally fantastic additions. It's exciting to imagine what this beautiful City will look like in another 15years.

I've kicked off my London page with 3 iconic views - from the futuristic Walkie Talkie to the Historic Fleet Street and Big Ben. The Fleet Street picture is without doubt my favourite as it acts as the gateway to the City. This particular scene is what I'm spolit to every day on my walk to work. It is taken from the corner of Fetter Lane and the colours that shimmer from both the Leadenhall Building (aka Cheese Grater) and Gherkin perfectly reflect the weather. When you walk down this lane you know you are entering somewhere steeped in history.

30 St Mary Axe

I'm not normally a fan of Gherkins (especially the ones they put in Big Macs) but I don't mind this one. It makes me feel incredibly old to think this thing is over 12years old. The construction of 30 St Mary Axe was a green light to all Architects in London to go crazy. If you can get planning permission to build something resembling a giant Phallus then the surely the pitch for building a giant Walkie-Talkie and Shard would be a walk in the park. It was.

Quiet Please

This is actually a Library. The Maughan Libray on Fetter Lane is stunning. These pictures are the 2 opposite sides of the same wing taken on the way to (Day) and from (Night) work. This is the main research facility for Kings College, London. Aren't Students spoilt these days?...my Libray was a sh** hole.


St Pauls

With all the other amazing structures popping up around "The City" you could be guilty of thinking London's Mother Church would fade in significance. It couldn'd be further from the truth and St Paul's very much continues to form a major part of the London Skyline. This Iconic Cathedral stood for over 1400 years as London's highest point.

Waterloo Bridge

The lovely little set of pictures above represent the view facing both west and east when crossing Waterloo Bridge. It's stunning  and pretty easy to see why many a tourist lines the bridge with their huge DSLR's. Poor old Blackfriars Bridge has nothing on this chap and (as a commuter that takes this journey day in, day out) it would be very easy to start taking this view for granted...not me..it's ACE. I still often find myself stopping my olympic paced walk to take in the lights and the odd pic (obvs!).

Hello - 20 Fenchurch Street

Did you know the Walkie-Talkie (as we know it) was always planned to be a good 150ft higher but the dudes at St Paul's weren't best happy. It now sits as London's 5th tallest building and I think it's an awesome addition to Englands captial City.

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