The Seasons

It's easy to moan about the temperemental weather in the UK but I think we're pretty lucky to be able to experience 3 really distinct seasons. Very few landscapes experience such a change in colour across the year - I think it's great.

It's a bit of an Animal


There's a fair few images of animals dotted within my collection and reasuringly they're not  all sheep and Ladybirds! The Swan opposite is one of my favouritie shots. Many Photos are taken of Swans every day but very few directly from above.  I took this little gem whilst out walking with the Kids in a lovely little place called The Cleves (also featured on the Country section of my awesome site). Swans are beautiful but fiercely protective creatures. Do not mess with a Swan.

The big old  Bull below  was taken in South Devon. I think this one was a Dexter and he seemed incredibly tame to come this close to me - that or I was about 2 seconds away from getting a damn good kicking! Really beautiful looking beast even if he is a Ginge.


The 3 shots below were all taken locally. Yes..there's some obviously weird folk that keep Lama's around my parts... apparently they are fab at keeping away Foxes from the Sheep. I don't blame the Foxes for legging it. Viscious things Lama's.


Maybe I should start a Zoo? 


The below collection was taken whilst abroad seeing my lovely Cousin get hitched. The colour of the Sea round the Greek islands is unreal and the whole event was truly magical. A place I will definately be going back to. 

Highclere Castle

This little set of photos is dedicated to Highclere Castle - better known as the place where Downton Abbey is filmed. All of these shots were taken from Beacon Hill, a well known local view point for the Castle and surrounding area.

Out and About in Whitchurch

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