Sea air is magic stuff. Apart from laughter, Sun and prozac it's probably the best (legal) medicine on the Planet. In this section you'll find a nice spread of mainly UK Coast and Beach shots. It takes a lot for me to take a holiday thats not near a Beach and these shots are to show you why.

Thurlestone and Bantham 

Thurlestone in South Devon forms a large part of my Childhood memories. A good family friend of mine owns a house there and my family would visit there at least twice a year. The House overlooked a wonderful Links Golf Course which me and my Dad would often grab a quick 9 holes on. The Village itself is perfectly placed between the well known surf beach of Bantham (to the West) and Hope Cove to the East...both within 30mins walk. 

With such a large area of sand Batham was perfect for the Kids. The Iconic Burgh Island sitting in the distance only adds to the magic of the place.

Batham was by no means alone and we were spoilt with no less than 5 stunning beaches all within walking distance. Very rarely did you feel the need to get in the Car. I've very much continued the tradition and (like my Parents did) now take my family to this stunning place every year. With the Seaside resorts of Salcombe and Kingsbridge 10-15minutes down the road I couldn't recommend this place more highly...waterproofs and a sense of adventure are complusory!

East Prawle and Start Point

Only 30 minutes east of Thurlestone East Prawle was suprisingly unknown to me until recently. Although very different it is an equally beautiful area. The cliff tops are far more ragged than it's neighbour and the surrounding area has an almost prehistoric feel to it. This is not for a Tourist who wants easy access to a Beach with some serious hills to tackle.

Dartmouth is only a 20minutes away and is well worth the drive along the coast. Along the way you pass the most breathtaking coastal scenery with the Nature Reserve of Slapton Sands proving one of the highlights


This infamous town on the South West Coast of Wales is really quite something to see. Situated in the heart of Pembrokeshire you can see immediateldy why Tenby attracts millions of visitors each year. The multi couloured pastel town houses give an almost toy town feel with 2 large beaches and a bustling Fishing Harbour forming a solid defense. I visited here for the first time only last year and have already re-booked. It's stunning.

Durdle Door

It very much pains me to put #nofilter next to any image but I think for the below it's fully justified. When the sun shines this well known part of the Dorset Coastline it's a visual delight. The chalky sea beds give out a vivid Turquoise colour that would compete with many of the Greek Islands. The other 3 pictures above were all taken with my weather hardened iphone 3. On the left my mate Jas braving the UK sea and next to him a tiny (but perfectly formed wave) with the famous Durldle Door shadowing over it.


It's not often I venture to the North of Devon but my good friend Lucy (and Oakhampton local) convinced me North Devon was the place to be! Apparently South Devon was for all the posh Tourists and North Devon was where you went to experience "real Devon". These 3 images only offer a very brief glimpse but Instow and it's neighbouring Village of Appledore really were beautiful.

Weymouth - Camping

Now I'm not shy to the great outdoors..I'm really not but anyone who know's me is aware (after a hard day walking/taking way too many photos) I like the idea of coming back to a well heated base and a warm bed. Is a working toilet, a TV and a bath too much to ask? Well it is when you go camping. My partner in crime (and alter ego)  Jas convinced me that pitching a tent right on the cliff face in Weymouth was going to be  the start of a something special and I would be converted into loving Camping. I get it..I really do.. the Toilet view was amazing and it was cheap as chips but there's a very good reason why most campsites aren't situated right on the coast front. Mainly, it's windy as hell. This particular  weekend away was perfectly timed with a large front/storm moving in from France. Safe to say half of our Tent had gone by 5am and by 9am so was I! Bed felt good that night.

Beach Favourites

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